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If we find defective parts and sort them out, it doesn't necessary mean that we have to dispose of them. In order to save resources, we try to rework defective parts in such a way that they later match the specifications. This naturally happens on account of product liability and in close coordination with our customers and solely on their precise instruction. With the help of professional tools and the skilled craftsmanship of our specialists, failure/quality costs can be clearly reduced.


In addition to that, we offer the following services:

Rework actions of all kinds:

  • Deburring, grinding, cleaning and so forth
  • Flashing, updating data inventory
  • Relabeling
  • Removing of foreign objects
  • Repairs of all kinds

Which advantages can we offer you? These are the advantages we can offer you:


  • Quick reaction time
  • Daily pareto analysis with data as basis for cause analysis
  • Own ESD-compatible surfaces

How can we provide/help/support you?
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