PHILOSOPHY of the schambeck group


Since 2010 schambeck group has been acting as a service provider for quality in the automotive sector. Thanks to the excellent work of our employees day by day as well as the use of the management, we could achieve a considerable growth in the global market. Values and coinages, which were correct in the past, will not be wrong for the future either. Values are our foundation, innovation is our drive. Innovation leadership our Goal.


Healthy growth works always particularly well when strong roots, a strong stem and stable branches feed the young shoots.In order for the root system to be strengthened, the stem more powerful and the young shoots to become new stable branches, in addition to good planning and honest work, certain basic values and rules are required.


With this model, the schambeck group sets a framework for dealing with all the people involved and all within and outside the company involved interest groups. Our interest groups include clients, employees, colleagues, supervisors, suppliers, partners, owners, banks, authorities, the society in which we are moving, representatives of public life, press & media, the environment and nature we live in.

This requires a foundation of values and clear rules. We share a common vision that describes the values we stand for, which are important to us, after which we act strictly and we ultimately determine the company as such. We describe our ethical standards, our social behavior and thus the way we deal with each other and our outward appearance. Every single one is responsible for carrying out his business in such a way that these principles of the model are always respected.

We act at all times so that
- I can tell my family or colleagues quiet conscience of my actions!
- I could tell millions of people around the world about my actions!



For what values do we stand?


Respect & Tolerance

In dealing with each other, we offer each other an unconditional appreciation and respect.Irrespective of origin, race, sex, impairment and state of education. Regardless of how big and difficult the challenge may seem at the moment. Different opinions are based on different personal experiences and are therefore a positive potential. Discussions are conducted in a manner that is relevant to our results. Once we have made decisions, we respect and act accordingly to them.



We are a medium-sized family business and therefore we have family structures and manners. Behind every employee is a family. With the salary we earn our living. In this awareness and responsibility we act. If a family member is not doing well, we help each other. A family is only as strong as its weakest family member. A family does not always agree. In a family there is not sunshine every day. We address pending topics and clarify possible problems in the consensus. We hold together within the family and work at the same goal. To the outside we hold together unconditionally.


Sincerity & Honesty

We deal unconditionally frankly and honestly with each other. A mutual open communication culture, characterized by sincerity and honesty is the foundation of trust. Trust is the basis of a positive attitude and positive thinking. Positive thinking is the basis of our success. We are aware that there are situations where secrecy is required. Then the rule: "Silence before excuses and circumlocution."


Joy at work

Everyone is committed to create a positive working environment in which the enjoyment of work is at the foreground. Discussions about modern phenomena such as work-life-balance are based on a mental separation of working time and leisure time. This is the wrong approach! We have to remove this mental separation of working time as an annoying evil and leisure as the positive part of life. If we become aware of the fact that we are also getting older during working hours, it is also clear how important it is to have fun and pleasure during the work. Because with joyful work I am not only creating surplus values for the company, but with joyful work I am primarily responsible for added value for myself and for my fulfilled life as a whole!


Role model

Let us be an example! We want to grow as a company, so we bring young and new colleagues to the company. Especially young people and new employees are looking for supervisors and colleagues at which they can orient themselves. Depending on sympathies, inclinations, actions, charisma, etc., everyone can be chosen as a model, without suspecting it. The new colleagues will be guided by the behavior of the model. They will act on the example of their own actions. Therefore, let us always be an example!


Beyond these fundamental values, we see as a matter of course:

  • Comply with the right, laws and regulations!
  • No tolerane for harassment and violence at work!
  • No room for alcohol and prohibited substances in the company!
  • Safety and physical integrity as a top priority!
  • No distribution of amenities and privileges!
  • Incorruptibility and no acceptance of amenties and perks!
  • The supreme commandment is the protection of our nature, in the sense of our descendants!

True to our values and the goal of innovation leadership!


Signed by Christian Schambeck, January 2018


Supported by all executives and employees in the company!

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